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Why I care about what you fall asleep in...

When deciding what clothes, or pyjamas, you are going to dress yourself in, do you consider the material composition of the item? As consumers, we have so much power in deciding what we choose to consume and how we choose to dress ourselves. As a designer, I have the power to choose which materials I want to work with in order to offer your luxurious pyjamas to which are both kind to your skin and our planet so that you can truly sleep easy each night.

And, this opportunity to produce in the most sustainable and ethical way that I could is the reason why I have chosen to dress you, exclusively, in organic and GOTS certified materials as you drift off to sleep. Choosing to sleep in organic pyjamas has real, positive impacts on yourself (both mentally and physically) and on the health of our beautiful planet.

The biggest difference to the environment when we are talking about organic materials is that we do not use pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals in the production of these products. Despite the fact that conventional cotton only takes up 2.5% of the global farming land, it reportedly makes up 25% of global insecticide. So, you see, just by choosing organic, chemical-free materials already there are massive environmental impacts.

But the environmental impacts don’t stop there. Without the use of chemicals, there is no leaching into nearby rivers which results in polluted waters, killing wildlife and damaging water supplies for people. No chemicals means healthier soil and results in soil regeneration allowing farms to be used for more than one purpose.

Without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides we are also protecting the farmers who grow our crops. Pesticides are full of toxic chemicals which can result in cancer and death amongst workers. By working with organic and fair trade certified factories we are helping to protect the farmers who harvest our materials and the factory workers who weave the yarns into the wonderful material which we choose to dress you in.

Organic materials are also vital for you as the wearer. Non-organic clothing often results in rashes, irritated skin and even headaches. As consumers, we can so often be mindful about what we put into our bodies but we should be equally concerned about what we put onto our bodies.

Finally, the physical benefits of working with organic materials aside, the psychological benefits of working with organic and fair trade certified material allows me peace of mind as I drift off to sleep. As I mention often, I want to create pyjamas to allow you to sleep easy, and you can sleep with an easy mind knowing that we haven't used dangerous chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, or contributed to human rights violations when we create your pyjamas.

As consumers, we do have the power to choose what ends up on the high street, or in our beds, and I am so grateful to each of you who choose to drift off to sleep in organic sleepwear each night.

Head to our online shop to find the perfect pair of luxury, sustainable pyjamas for you.

C.D xo


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