A Commitment to Sustainability

Thank you so much for reading this page! Being as transparent as possible about our production and supply chain is so important to me and I love that you have clicked on here to see how we are creating luxury pyjamas which are kind to both you and our wonderful planet, allowing you to truly sleep easy.  


Sustainability is so much more than just working with organic materials. It’s a culture revolving around caring about every aspect which this brand works with including: caring for those who weave our materials, the nature of the materials, the design, production, marketing, social outreach, charitable support partnerships… the list goes on. 

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“The husband weaves and the wife winds the yarns and it’s a story of family togetherness”- Genesh (Supplier of bamboo silk based in Sichuan, China).

Let's start with the magical materials we use. 

I did a lot of research when deciding what materials to use, not just for what impact they had on the environment but also on those growing the materials and ultimately how it would rest against your skin and then the final afterlife of the product.

After lots of research into different materials, the criteria for sustainable, organic GOTS certified material I struck gold at one of the Sustainable Angle Future Fashion Expo’s. I came across a wide range of materials and found a company in Machynlleth, Wales called the Organic Textile Company. The Organic Textile Company is an Eco-park, a sustainable and environmental workspace haven, with solar panels for electricity, a walk to work scheme and the use of poly air bags which has reduced their Co2 to zero when compared to standard plastic bags. 

Here I met the wonderful Dex and Gwyn who patiently showed me rolls upon rolls of fabrics and told me how they source the material and what criteria they stick to. 

All of the material which we work with is Organic or GOTS certified. What does this mean? Well GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it means that when a company is assessed for it’s sustainability standard it also takes into consideration the working conditions of the company for all of their employees. 


Simply put organic means that no chemicals are used in the growing and harvesting process of materials. This is so important as it means that workers are not put at risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals when making our clothes, that leaching of chemicals into the surrounding wild life doesn't happen and that animal welfare is also taken into consideration. Organic farmers use natural methods to grow their materials which helps promote healthy soil and is so important in the fight against climate change. 

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The bamboo fibre which is sourced from Liahren company in China is 100% organic bamboo, sourced only from organic bamboo forests in Sichuan- meaning that there are absolutely no harmful chemicals or materials used in the growing process. The material also has an OEKO- TEST 100 CLASS I standard which means that it is completely safe and healthy, even for infants. 


We love bamboo because as a material it is completely biodegradable, eco-friendly textile. Even more when it does biodegrade (with just the help of sunshine, Co2 and H2o found in soil) it produces no pollution to the environment. It comes from nature and in the end it returns to nature. 

We do currently embroider our "Silk" collection in with a family run company called Vema in Milan, Italy which means sending the material across and back again but we are hoping to work with a UK based embroidery company, so if you know any please do let us know!  All of our embroideries are done with 100% Organic Cotton sourced from Monticolor , whose core objectives are "Ethics, Sustainability and respect for the environment". 

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So, how do these magical materials get transformed into your luxurious pyjamas? We are extremely proud to be a London based brand, producing with the wonderful ApparelTASKER. 


The decision to produce in London was extremely important to me because it allows me to have a real relationship with the factory, to visit often and of course to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. ApparelTASKER is the gold standard of ethical production and the ease of working with them ensures that the whole process of production is truly a wonderful experience.


ApparelTASKERS theory: “We perceive responsible manufacturing as being able to take responsibility for your own products, for the environment, and for your customers and employees, all while looking for ways to improve our core business aspects. We hope that, in the future, responsibility will not be just in our portfolio, but that it becomes an industry-standard in its own right.”.

We always produce in small batches to reduce waste and to ensure that we are creating what you want, so if there is everything a design which you would like, be sure to send us a message! We also like to collect all of our offcuts to make fun accessories such as scrunchies or eyemasks trying to operate as a zero waster brand.

Some of the highlights from ApparelTASKER:

  • Responsible manufacturing, the use of technology to allow for real time monitoring and approval during the producing process to ensure that no area of the business is put under strain, going beyond the industry requirements by offering higher wages and wold-class working conditions. 

  • Sustainable development- taking the full life cycle of the garment into consideration, Zack and Alex are both highly skilled in maximizing the design development of a garment so that it has a long and beautiful life. They also have a zero-waste approach to garment production and work with local suppliers where possible. 

  • Eco-friendly- packaging garments in biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging, using DHL Go-Green services on send outs.. Energy saving servo motors on all equipment (80-90% saving to traditional clutch motor). Employ a vigilant and robust recycling process ensuring zero waste manufacturing. Energy saving LED Low energy lighting in all factory devisions (70-80% energy saving to traditional lighting)


Extra efforts to be as sustainable as possible:

As much as I love going to and visiting our suppliers, where possible I like to keep communication online. When I do get the joy of travelling for meetings I use public transport- trains, bikes and buses. 

We keep our marketing online so as to not produce unnecessary waste.

Our packaging is sturdy but simple so that it is all easily recyclable. 

We enjoy using our social media to promote other sustainable and ethical brands to share the love and stories of those that we admire. 

Social and charitable work is extremely important to me which is why I loved utilising our suppliers in London to produce scrubs for the NHS. We managed to raise over £700 and redirected profits made from some of our sales to help produce these vital garments for our front line workers. 


As a yoga teacher, I also loved putting on a Charity Yoga class to raise money for Mind and Black Minds Matter which raised over £500. We will continue to promote and support charities and natural devastations to raise awareness and support for everyone who dedicates their lives to righting some awful wrongs. 

If there is anything, anything at all which you would like to know more about or what you think we should address please do get in contact, I would love to hear from you!

C.D xx

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