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Pyjama Care Guide

We love working with some of the most beautiful and fine materials to bring you luxurious pyjamas, that are both kind to your skin and our planet. Since we have poured so much care into the production of each set we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Prolonging the life of your pyjamas not only allows you to sleep well each night but is also a fantastic way to help our beautiful planet.

We have created this post so that you can care for your Charlotte Dunn Design pyjamas in a loving way and enjoy them for thousands of sleeps to come...

Bamboo “Silk”

Our “Silk” collection is made from the finest bamboo “silk”- 100% organic, ethical and luxurious. This super soft fabric gently glides over the skin and significantly improves the quality of sleep. We love our bamboo “silk” because it has all of the same splendid quantities as traditional silk, but it is also eco-friendly, vegan, and easier to care for.

Washing your "silk" pyjamas

  • The natural properties of this material need a lower temperature than other fabrics. An introduction of high heat can cause your gorgeous pyjamas to shrink.

  • If you choose to machine wash your “silk” items, we recommend that you set your washing machine at the lowest temperature setting it has to offer (usually 30 degrees Celsius). These are often named ‘sensitive wash’, ‘silk cycle’, or ‘gentle wash’.

  • Keep the spin low on the cycle, this will also help to avoid any shrinkage.

  • We recommend using eco-labelled washing detergents to minimise harmful chemicals coming into contact with your pyjamas and our beautiful planet.

  • You can also opt to use special silk detergent, but this isn't vital.

  • Remember to turn your pyjamas inside out when you wash them.

How to care for your silk after washing?

  • Don’t tumble-dry: use a gentle spin cycle and if they’re still wet, roll up in a clean towel to press out excess water.

  • No-rush drying: lay the item flat in its natural shape on a drying rack or hang to dry. If hanging to dry, position the item properly on the hanger to prevent stretching.

  • Don’t dry in the direct sunlight or next to any other sources of heat.

How to iron silk pyjama?

  • When ironing, the fabric must always be damp to help the material retain its texture and integrity.

  • Keep a spray bottle handy and turn the garment inside out while ironing.

  • Use the lowest heat setting on your iron to avoid damage. Simply lay the garment flat on the ironing board and place the press cloth on top (ideally a flat piece of cotton). You can also use a pillowcase, handkerchief, or hand towel instead.

  • One of the key tips in properly ironing "silk" is to gently press downward through the press cloth - lift the iron, allow the area to briefly cool, and then repeat on another section of fabric.

  • Pressing "silk" does not mean leaving the iron in place for a long period of time. You can prevent burning by minimising the length of time the iron is in contact with the fabric.

  • Take your clothing off the board when it’s cool and dry to enjoy your wrinkle-free "silk".

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