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The art of sleeping...

Here at Charlotte Dunn Design, sleep is very important to us which is why we aim to create beautiful luxurious pyjamas, to offer you the gift of an amazing night's sleep.

In honour of celebrating all things relating to sleep, here are some of my sleeping art pieces... Enjoy!

Artist - Henri Matisse’s Portrait of a Sleeping Marguerite, 1920

I’ve been fascinated by Matisse recently and he is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. His work is so magical, bright and beautiful. This painting is just one of the most serene portraits of Matisse’s daughter sleeping as a young adult.

Artist - Man Ray’s Sleeping Woman, 1929

The photographer has captured this woman so elegantly while she is sleeping. Do you almost wonder what she was dreaming about? I know I do!

Artist - Antonio Canova’s Sleeping Nymph 1820-1824

The depth of detail on this impeccable statue is breathtaking. It must look so beautiful in the light.

Artist - Lee Krasner, Polar Stampede, 1960

Of course, I had to mention Lee Krasner, she’s iconic. After the death of her husband Jackson Pollark, unable to sleep she turned to what she knew best, her art. For me, this painting immediately reflects the feeling I get when I’m tossing and turning all night. It looks so simple yet so effective.

Artist - Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889

Last but not least, it’s the great Vincent Van Gogh. I had to include this memorable piece of art.

Thank you for reading!



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