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In bed with Nuve™

Who wants to enjoy delicious treats that don't harm animals? With Veganuary becoming an ever-growing movement we went back to our favourite vegan chef and co-founder of Nuve™, Sarah Wright. Nuve™ is a newly launched British company with a vision to create vegan, 'simply-add', delicious products.

The company takes the everyday comforts we all love, including gooey chocolate brownies, creamy hot chocolate, and hearty instant oats, and offers these to us in a magical vegan, DELICIOUS solution. All of their products are responsibly sourced, free- from preservatives and with the use of whole food ingredients, making these divine treats better for you and better for the planet. Truly, there is no guilt when you indulge, and trust me, once you make a tray of these brownies you WILL indulge because Sarah cares about having a clean supply chain and producing a product that really will have a 100% fall-in-love-with rate.

When asked about what made Sarah want to start Nuve™ she said: "Our mission is to bring people one step closer to the kitchen and demystify the complexity and lack-of-taste 'myths' around vegan recipes by creating 'simply-add’ delicious products, made with real, whole-food ingredients. We know this will make a positive contribution to everyone's health, taste buds, and ultimately the planet".

Her passion is delicious food and her desire to reduce her impact on the planet has resulted in these vegan brownies which really are so easy to make. Having cooked for the NHS during the pandemic, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge about the importance of high-quality ingredients, and her 'simply-add' products are packed full of superfoods which will leave everyone happy.

Sarah also shared with us her favourite Sunday routine. "Wrap up warm and get outside in nature, whether it’s walking the dog or going for a run, before making a delicious batch of Nuve™ brownies".

These brownies are the perfect Sunday, or any day, afternoon treat. Baked in just under 25 minutes, these gooey gluten-free, nut-free, and 100% plant-based, Nuve™ brownies can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the dietary requirements.

Nuve™ energy bite recipe:

What you will need:

250g pitted medjool dates

Food processor or a nutribullet


1. Place the dates in a microwavable bowl and cover with water

2. Microwave for 45 seconds

3. Drain the water and blend with the Nuve™ instant chocolate chia oats until a dough is formed. If you don't have a food processor, tear apart the dates using your hands until a gooey date 'fudge' is formed and, using your hands, mix in the oats

4. Roll into 8 balls and enjoy immediately or pop in the fridge

Top tips for you to enjoy chocolate, whilst protecting the environment:

1. Choose chocolate that doesn't contain palm oil, to help protect trees worldwide.

2. Choose to purchase chocolate with 100% recyclable packaging.

3. Recycle paper wrappers, card and the foil that keeps the chocolate fresh.

4. Buy fairtrade, which is committed to helping farmers adapt to climate change and invest in sustainable farming methods.

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