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Charlotte Dunn Design x Emergency Designer Network

During the uncertain and scary time of the pandemic and as we were locking down at home to help protect the NHS I really wanted to be helpful in some way that I could. Of course, I love to think that encouraging everyone to have good self-love practices does help people (I truly believe in the power and importance of high quality sleep), but I also wanted to do something, anything, to help those who are on the front line saving us.

We had the privilege of hearing about Emergency Designer Network through a friend who works for British Fashion Council and were swiftly in contact with them via email.

Very quickly we were able to realise that we could get into contact with London based factories which we had past relationships with and work together to produce essential scrubs desperately required by the NHS.

A bit of background on the Emergency Designer Network;

The Emergency Designer Network was set up in March 2020 by London-based designers Holly Fulton, Bethany Williams and Phoebe English, to help ease the limited supplies of vital armour needed in the fight against COVID-19. So far they have managed to produce over 6,700 pairs of scrubs for hospitals in the UK and that number is still growing.


Thanks to the amazing support of all of our wonderful customers and friends we managed to raise over £700 and produce 25 complete sets of scrubs and 5 extra shirts for the NHS. Not only was this amazing for supporting our front line workers but it also provide work for small London based factories who has suffered from the Pandemic.

As the world continued to slow down and eventually grind to a halt, many brands pulled their production of new lines, removing work and income for small factories resulting in extremely detrimental economic instability for small businesses. This is why we were so excited to be a London based brand, we know the factories and we know how we can help to keep supporting them by offering potential work. It was truly amazing to see the support from our customers and to be able to work with EDN in the small ways that we could.

The scrubs which were made with a collaborative work from designers, pattern cutters, fabric suppliers, component suppliers, fundraisers, volunteers in the EDN headquarters who organise everything and wonderful customers such as yourself, meant that we could do something to support those who have been saving our lives.

We couldn't have done any of this without you so thank you so much for being the most amazing customers, for showing your support for the NHS.


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