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Introducing a new way to shop with us...

As you know we’re all about sustainable, ethical pyjamas that help you to sleep easy. What you may not know is that we’re also invested in sustainable living and mindful spending. I believe that everyone should be able to live consciously, and my aim is to make Charlotte Dunn Designs as accessible to everyone as possible. With that in mind, I am delighted to announce that we are partnering with HyperJar.

What is HyperJar? It’s a smart way to organise your money and earn a 4.8% annual growth rate (HyperJar's version of "interest") when you spend with their retail partners, like us! HyperJar encourages mindful spending by allowing you to actively save money towards a pair of Charlotte Dunn Design pyjamas, along with many other amazing brands! Think of an app which has multiple piggy banks and you just pop money into each piggy to save up towards groceries, restaurants, flowers and now pyjamas. Not only does this help encourage you to save money towards a product you really want, but with the annual growth rate, your piggy can grow!

I have a very strong desire to partner with services like HyperJar as opposed to buy now, pay later schemes because, to me, this opportunity to save money towards a purchase encourages mindful consumption in a world where it is far too easy just to buy now and, well,… pay later. I truly want you to sleep easy at night, and knowing that you are sleeping in pyjamas which you have mindfully saved up for and bought, means that you won’t have to worry about making a payment down the line.

Instead of creating a situation where you are encouraged to impulse buy with the promise of instalment payments, HyperJar encourages you to save and then to consciously shop -in that way they are like a financial sister app when it comes to mindful business practice and we are very excited to be on this sustainable journey together!



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