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Some of our tips to wake up excited in lockdown:

Yes, the world is quite a crazy place right now. But, the sun is still shining, the birds are singing (maybe even louder) and my speakers are still connecting to my laptop so I can listen to the Sting and Shaggy Tiny Desk Concert on repeat so all is not lost. Whilst we may feel a bit out of control and frustrated with the lockdown, it’s vital to find ways to stay excited each day, however small these things may be. So, here are some of my tips on how to wake up excited in lockdown!

1.Try not setting an alarm. If you are still working from home the chances are that if you go to bed before midnight you’ll wake up before your first meeting call at 9am (you can dial into the zoom call in your pyjamas with a clean sweater over the top). Honestly, just by waking up naturally and not being shocked awake by the aggressive bleeping of your phone will mean that you start your day in a better mood.

2. Invest in your morning drink of choice. Since we aren’t spending money on take away coffees or meals out, bring the luxury of those into your home. If you normally just grab an instant coffee, get a cafeteria and some ground beans. If coffee isn’t your thing then why not try some loose leaf tea? T2 have a great selection of teas and stunning pots as well, just treat yourself. Before you go to bed make sure that you check that the teapot, your favourite mug, coffee beans or tea is ready for the next morning. Nothing can ruin the morning like realising that you’re out of milk.

3. Bake, bake, bake. And what better way to enjoy your morning coffee than with some homemade scones orange butter or a muffin? Join in on the many bake alongs that are happening at the moment. This Sunday we will be baking with @fedbygeorge. Meals are always a highlight of the day for me so try new recipes, encourage those in your family to dress up for dinner or host a Zoom dinner party. Anything goes!

4. Tap into your tween self and get a bit creative. This could be anything from hand making cards to send to friends, scrapbooking or giving your walls a lick of paint. Nothing can change the atmosphere of a room like giving it a bit of TLC.

5. Since the weather is so stunning, stick your head out the window or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden step outside and feel the sun on your face as you wake up slowly, enjoying the fact that you can stay in your pyjamas for as long as you like.


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