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Scent the scene

I’m not sure what it is about scented candles but they really do have the most relaxing effect on me. This could be due to the fact that as soon as I light a scented candle or spray some mist I take deep breaths to absorb the smell or maybe it is the magical powers in the natural oils, but I really do see the benefit in using scents to help relax as I wind down for bed. If you are like me and you find that you go to bed with a busy head then I really do recommend lighting a candle to help relax as you end your day.

After careful exploration into different scents and the powers of each one, I have found my go-to favourites which I will always add to a birthday wish list in the form of a candle or room spray.

My go-to smell is always lavender. Lavender scented candles, sprays and soaps are on my gift list every year because the smell has the most calming effect on me. It has been proven that simple smelling lavender oil before going to bed can actually improve the quality of your sleep and keep you in a deeper sleep for longer. This results in you waking up feeling more restored, rested and ready for the day ahead.

Bergamot natural oil is my other go-to scent recommendation to help you to relax and unwind before heading off to dream world. It has a great citrus-like smell and it is commonly featured in perfumes and sprays. Again, this natural oil helps to quieten down those internal thoughts, aiding relaxation before bed and its been around for centuries, helping to reduce fatigue and improve circulation.

Rose oil is thought to sedative effects which can help you to relax you as you fall asleep. It has been used for hundreds of years to help treat depression, nervousness and tension and studies show how it can relax the body to directly aid your sleep. I am not a fan of rose smelling candles so what I tend to opt for rose oil which I can add to showers or rub them into my wrist to take some deep breaths of.

If you want to try and prolong your pre-REM sleep then pick up a candle which is scented with Sandalwood. The soft, smooth and warm smell is popular amongst perfume brands and candles for a reason. And whilst we are discussing different wood scents, Cedarwood is amazing! This scent has been used to help fight anxiety and stressful thinking. So if you are finding that you are going to bed with a busy head then light this candle for an hour or so before you settle down, it is even believed to encourage people to sleep through the night.

If you need an added bit of sweetness then why not try something with vanilla bean? It has been shown to actually improve your mood, and that’s not just by eating vanilla ice cream in the sun.

Have you ever been told not to go to bed angry? Well there is a scent that can help with that, try some Frankincense. Frankincense smells divine and the scent works to help clear your mind of internal conflicts allowing you to sleep easy at night. It does have a very intense smells especially if you buy the resin and burn it so if you're looking for a less over power smell then try a diffuser.

My final recommendation is Neroli. This scent which has been proven to help alleviate stress by calming the mind. By lighting a candle which has Neroli essential oils you can actually help to reduce anxiety provoking thoughts, boost your mood and the sedative effects of the smell mean that is is the perfect scent to help you drift off into a calm slumber. So, the next time you are going to treat yourself to something why not try a scented candle which has one of the above ingredients? If you have the option always go for candles which have the natural oils in them as they give off the best smell :)


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