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A bit about me

Hi there,

My name's Charlotte and I'd like to share with you my luxurious and sustainable pyjamas.


I have always wanted to create beautiful things but production's impact on the environment has frequently held me back; whatever I make has to be as kind to the world as possible.


I first discovered the realities of bamboo and organic cotton while working in a bridal boutique that specialised in eco-friendly gowns. Every night I wanted to sleep in a wedding dress.


After some research into these two - and other - organic textiles, I have been completely enchanted by their seemingly magical qualities.

And so, with my lovely mum, I've started Charlotte Dunn Design.


Together, we have poured care into each pair because pyjamas should be beautiful and should be thoughtfully created to ensure that everyone receives the gift of a good night’s sleep.

C.D. xx


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